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Unleash the power of real-time
global projections
MarketPro is a unique web tool that empowers marketing, strategy, and development professionals to visualize in real-time which markets offer the greatest opportunities for their products or services.
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A web-tool to visualize
market insights
Explore market opportunities at any point in time from today through the year 2030.
Target at the regional, national, subnational and city-level to find untapped potential.
Identify customers using income, age, gender, education, health and other data.
Explore your target market from different angles
- Identify new market potential by income groups and regions
- Define and target new customers by multiplier indicators
- Compare markets, data sets and results
- Easily export graphs and charts to share
We are constantly working on new functionality like:
- Integrating / overlaying client data
- Creating and monitoring specific business goals
- Defining custom income brackets
*WDL regularly updates and adds new datasets
Our data is robust,
and growing
Income data
Economic data to power a range of products which support private, public, and social sector decision-making.
Demographic data
Forecasts up to the year 2100, covering 97% of the world's population, to enable long-term project design, strategic and policy planning.
Merge of Income
& Demographic
Enabling granular identification and targeting of customers, beneficiaries, and vulnerable populations over the medium-term.
Health Risk Factors
Life expectancy estimates that factor in health risks including smoking, diabetes, alcohol abuse,
malaria, and more.
Subnational data
Provincial, state, and city-level income and demographic forecasts for select countries
through 2030.
Geo-spatial data
Nightlight and daylight data that measure the distance to markets, built-up areas, and land-cover types at the highest degree of resolution possible.
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